Discover Funding

We hope to provide you with the tools and insight to find funding for your research or program and develop a competitive proposal. Below you will find an overview of various resources.

Limited Submissions

For some requests for proposal, foundations and corporations limit how many proposals Rice may submit. OCFR manages these opportunities, and faculty need to go through this internal process before submitting. Visit to view active limited submission opportunities, create an account, and submit to your notice of interest.

Global Funding Opportunities Database: Pivot RP

Pivot-RP, the global database of open research funding opportunities, is available for faculty and staff. To create an account and start using Pivot, visit and click "Use login from my institution," then select Rice University and follow the prompts to match with one of the pre-loaded profiles or create a new one. Once you create a profile, you can track and share funding opportunities, save searches, get automatic alerts, view groups and more.

Office of Proposal Development

The Office of Proposal Development serve faculty researchers as you conceptualize, develop, and write your proposals to federal agencies and other entities to seek funding for your research projects. We work across all disciplines, departments, and divisions, with the overarching goal of making the proposal as compelling and competitive as possible — and of making the proposal development process as straightforward and streamlined as possible.