how to use chatter

    There are two ways to set up Chatter:

    • Visit to sign up using your ‘’ email address.
    • Once you have a login, you are able to ‘Invite Coworkers.’ If you are invited by a coworker to join Chatter, you will receive an email invitation that prompts you to set up your log in information this way.

    Once you have your login, you can do the following:

    • Set up your digest email preferences – this is the best way to stay informed on all corporate activities
      • On your personal page, click on ‘My Settings’ in upper right hand corner
        • Click on Email Settings
        • General Settings: select the box to receive Chatter Emails
        • Under Personal Settings, you can customize how much and how frequently you will receive updates.
    • Complete your profile and upload a photo, located in upper right hand corner
    • While on the People, Group, or Files page, you can send a private message to another member in your group by clicking on the ‘Messages’ link on the left side of the screen.

    There are three ways to access Chatter:

    • Web Browser:
    • Chatter Desktop:
      • At the top of any page, click ‘Your Name | My Settings,’ then click ‘Chatter Desktop.’ To install, click ‘Download Now’ and follow the on-screen instructions. This option is a free desktop application that allows you to use Chatter without a browser.
    • Chatter App:
      • Download the Salesforce1 Mobile App on your phone and have instant access to Chatter on the go.
    • Share Information and communicate with group members
      • At the top center of ever group page, there is a box where you can share information that will post on the wall for the group. This is public and every member of the group will be able to view this information and it will be included in the digest emails.
    • Upload Documents
      • While on your Group page, you can upload a document by clicking on ‘File’ at the top of the screen under the information share box. Select ‘Upload a file from your computer.’
    • Digest Emails
      • This feature shares all information that has passed through a specific group. Information can be pushed through a daily or weekly email. There is also an option to receive an email every time a post has been made.

    There are 3 main components to Chatter: People, Groups, and Files – all grouped together on lower left hand corner of your personal Chatter page.

    1. People page
      • Members of each group will be listed together on the right side of screen
      • It is easy to distinguish who has made recent updates or uploaded a file in the news feed
    2. Groups page
      • Lists all of the different groups relevant to Corporate Relations at Rice University The news feed on each group page maintains an historical snapshot of activities related to companies
      • On group pages, files are uploaded and listed under ‘Group Files’ on right side of screen. On the group page, it only lists the most recent files, so to see a comprehensive list of files, click on ‘show all.’
      • There is also an option to adjust your Digest Email Preferences directly from the group page.
        • Once you click into a group page, on the top left hand side, click on ‘Email Me Every Post’ and from there you can select your preferences for each group you are a member.
    3. Files page
      • One the files page, you can view all of your recently viewed files on Chatter
      • If a file has been uploaded, it will appear in the center news feed section for that group. You can open this file directly from the news feed, or through the Group Files section.
    4. Emails are sent from ‘Salesforce Chatter’ and the subject line is ‘Your Digest Chatter’